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 What is up everrryyyyybody.

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What is up everrryyyyybody. Empty
PostSubject: What is up everrryyyyybody.   What is up everrryyyyybody. EmptyFri Jul 08, 2011 7:12 am

oHai guise! I'm Jak. I'm 16 years old. British, caucasian male looking for ladies in my area. If you're interested. Hit me up, you can search me on Facebook. I go under the name Vernon Benjamin I'm totally addicted to Call of Duty even though I suck at it. It's just enjoyable for the whole family. When I'm older I want to take after my mother and become a street walker. I was thinking of getting breast implants because mine haven't come yet, everytime my dad molests me he tells me they'll come in due time. Which is really re-assuring.
Well that's all I have to say. I hope I can make friends with all of you. If you have trouble finding me on Facebook add my Hotmail account. Once again. Thanks for reading.

Yours gracefully.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.
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What is up everrryyyyybody.
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