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 leveling guide[simple]

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leveling guide[simple] Empty
PostSubject: leveling guide[simple]   leveling guide[simple] EmptyThu Aug 11, 2011 2:10 am

okay, seems like its too hard for people to get bugged me at first but u got it and now you will too.

step.1 )create a character.

step.2 )get get buffed, kill 1 aibatt.

step.3 )go to the last npc for the job quest of the job you want.(example: Mercenary Instructor)

step.4 )get to lvl 60. go to flaris or darkon.

step.5 )log out. vote get 2 perin.

step.6 )log back in.get a Azria ticket and a bike or something go to darkon3[blinks are in magic npc] fly to the guardian npcs change job(example:Blade Guardian)

step.7 )go to a Azria get lvl 120.

step.8 )go to flaris go to robed girl by upgrade npcs become master.[repeat step 7 become hero]

step.9 )go back to azria and get a few rebirths[until you have 2k+of needed stat] or go to collecting area and get clock weapons.OR get someone to plvl you in arena.

step.10 )do step 9 if you went to collecting area.if you got plvl you should be lvling on your own in arena by now. if you went to azria and got 2k+ of the stat you need for attack go to arena and begin grind.

if you die[you get no more stats from lvling.]i think you get character bug if you go over 65k on your stats but i died so couldnt tell you. guessing you just get 60k on all your stats and then die.[could be wrong]

Exp : 50000x
Drop: 10000x
Gold: 35000x
Rain Exp : (2x)
Snow Exp : (3x)
[if they didn't change took me longer to get lvl 60 with the character i just made.then when i made my first 2.(1 bang got lvl 60.)]

if you need to know something else just ask.
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leveling guide[simple]
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